PREORDER NOW! Filmish – A Graphic Journey Through Film

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It’s a little over a month until my published debut graphic novel Filmish – A Graphic Journey Through Film launches at Gosh London. Details on that launch will follow, but in the meantime I wanted to talk a bit about the book and the fact that from today I’m offering people the chance to pre-order their copy directly from me.

Based upon my self-published comic series of the same name, Filmish is a graphic novel that explores the history and hidden meanings behind some of our most beloved films. From A Trip to the Moon to Inception the book takes in the span of cinema history in its mission to shed new light on the movies we love, and introduce readers to films, theories and ideas they may not have encountered before.

Filmish Star Wars Sample

With Filmish due to come out in shops on November 12th, I thought it would be great to offer pre-existing fans of the comic series a chance to pre-order their copy of the book now. Pre-order customers will receive a signed copy of the book, an exclusive Filmish badge, and my undying gratitude. Orders will go out via first class post on the 11th of November, so with luck you’ll have your copy with you on the 12th.

If you’re wanting to buy this book, this is absolutely the best way to do so while supporting its artist and publisher. It won’t be quite as cheap as Amazon (who can afford to offer free postage), but in return for a little more cost, you’ll see all of the cover price of the book going to me and my publisher. For every one book I sell through my website, I make roughly as much as I do when Amazon sell seven. How can you argue with that?

Pre-order here

* For customers outside the UK, hefty postage costs means you should probably just buy it from a local bookshop / Amazon.